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Monday, 14 October 2013

Postdoctoral Position in Genomics and Transcriptomics Bioinformatics @ Cayetano Heredia University

Job Description

The position is for two years and will be funded by a National Science and Technology Counsel (CONCYTEC) postdoctoral grant. Candidates will need to apply for the grant under the supervision of Dr. Carlos Merino to participate in an independently funded project to be determined. The work will involve counseling graduate students in the use of bioinformatics for data analysis, publishing results in international journals as well as applying for additional research project grants.The succesful candidates (up to three) will use sequence data for phylogenetic analysis, cryptic species discrimination, transcriptomic analysis, gene mapping, genome sequencing, among others. Ideal candidates will have a solid background in Bioinformatics, experience in whole genome sequencing would be desireable; published papers should proof such experience. Airflight ticket will be covered by the grant (up to $1 800 USD). A $1 000 USD yearly allowance will be allocated to pay for private health insurance. Salary will be $26 325 USD a year. Succesful research grant writing will secure additional funds for salary.

To Apply

Interested parties are requested to send by 10th October 2013 a full CV including the contact details of three referees, and a cover letter explaining why they want the position, to Carlos Merino:carlos.merino.m@upch.peThis is a time-sensitive offer, as the deadline to present candidates to the grant is October 25th.

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