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Thursday, 17 October 2013

NETTAB 2013:international workshops on Network Tools and Applications in Biology


NETTAB 2013 is the thirteenth in a series of international workshops on Network Tools and Applications in Biology. NETTAB workshops are aimed at presenting and discussing emerging ICT technologies whose adoption in support of biology could be of particular interest. Workshops include focused sessions devoted to tools and systems, applications and perspectives. Keynote lectures introduce the sessions' topics, and are followed by presentations selected from among the submitted contributions. Discussion is a key factor, both within sessions and in a special Panel Discussion. Tutorials and poster sessions complete the agenda of the NETTAB workshops.

Registration fees have been always kept at the lowest possible level to allow great participation of Students and young Researchers. Tutorials are offered free of charge.

NETTAB workshops have always been places of exchange of ideas, collaborations, discussions and growth! NETTAB always tries to anticipate the future of bioinformatics 

Please help us and sponsor NETTAB!

NETTAB 2013 has huge organization costs and due to the economy crisis we have a low participation. You can support education, divulgation and advancement in Science and Technology (Bioinformatics in particular) by supporting NETTAB workshops.

We are searching for last minute sponsors or after conference sponsors for the edition 2013 but you can support the edition 2014 as well.

The perks we are offering can be claimed also at NETTAB 2014.

NETTAB 2013 is an affiliated conference of the Internation Society for Computational Biology. NETTAB workshops are held under the patronage of the Bioinformatics Italian Society and of the European Organization EMBnet. A number of international Organizations, Institutes, Scientific Societies and Projects are supporting us.

NETTAB 2013 is a joint event with the 1st Meeting on Bioinformatics in the Veneto Region. We accepted to co-organize also this event at no cost for the delegates in order to support the growth of this important research area in Italy and in the Veneto region.
NETTAB funds are administered from the Bioinformatics Italian Society.

What We Need & What You Get

We still need at least 10.000 euro to cover the huge organization costs: renting of the conference venue, costs for services, insurance, travel, lodging and meals of the invited and tutorial speakers, publication costs, lunches and coffee breaks....

In exchange for your funding you will have our gratitude and that from the students and researchers you have supported.

Thank to you we could continue the NETTAB series with less financial worries.

Further, you will get promotional exposition in our events and on our web sites.

E.g. Mobile computing devices producers (laptops, smartphones and tablets) would be ideal sponsors of NETTAB 2013 on Semantic, Social, and Mobile Applications for Bioinformatics and Biomedical Laboratories.

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