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Friday, 13 September 2013

Google-like full text search engine for genes and transcripts stored in NCBI RefSeq

GGRNA is a 'Google-like' full text search engine for genes and transcripts. The web server accepts arbitrary words and phrases such as gene names, IDs, annotations, and even nucleotide/amino-acid sequences as an input, and quickly searches relevant RefSeq transcripts.

Search examples:
  1. homeobox ] [ claudin ] ...... Simple search
  2. "RNA interference" ] ...... Phrase search by enclosing terms with double quotes
  3. Argonaute "PAZ domain" ] ...... Return results that contain [ Argonaute ] AND [ "PAZ domain" ]
  4. NM_001518 ] [ 10579 ] ...... Search for IDs such as RefSeq ID or Gene ID
  5. symbol:VIM ] ...... Search by gene name (symbol or synonym)
  6. ref:Naito ] ...... Search within cited references
  7. 1552311_a_at ] ...... Search for nucleotide sequences by microarray probe IDs
  8. aa:KDEL ] ...... Search for amino-acid sequences
  9. caagaagagattg ] ...... Search for nucleotide sequences
  10. comp:caagaagagattg ] ...... Search for complementary sequences
  11. iub:aggtcannrtgacct ] ...... Search for nucleotide sequences containing degenerate nucleotides (e.g. N,R,Y,...)
  12. How to use in detail ...
What's new:
  1. 2013-07-28 Database updated to RefSeq rel. 60 (Jul, 2013).
  2. 2013-07-24 Source code available via GitHub
  3. 2013-07-08 GGRNA ver.2 released. All organisms in RefSeq are available.
  4. 2012-05-29 GGRNA paper has been published in Nucleic Acids Research.
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