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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Postdoc Position in Algorithms for Computational Biology @ Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

A postdoc position is available (starting in the fall of 2013) in the field of computational biology, in particular, algorithm development for predicting 3D protein complex structures (aka protein docking).  The main project is funded by the National Science Foundation, entitled “Dimension Reduction and Optimization Methods for Flexible Refinement of Protein Docking”. 
The postdoc will join the Shen group ( at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (, an academic institute dedicated to advanced research and higher education in computer science on the campus of the University of Chicago.  The group is interested in topics such as protein docking, protein engineering, drug design, systems and synthetic biology, and bioinformatics.  Central to these ends are the development and application of computational methods in molecular modeling, network simulation, optimization, machine learning, graph theory, and system and control theory.
Preferred qualifications include:
1. Ph.D. programs completed or to be completed in computer science, applied mathematics, operation research, computational biology, biophysics, engineering, or other related fields;
2. Strong background and track record in algorithm development in one or more following areas: optimization, dimensionality reduction, machine learning, and statistics;
3. Linux programming experience in implementing algorithms (required) and databases & webservers (plus) in one or more following languages: C/C++, shell scripting, Perl, Python, SQL, XML, PHP, and Java;
4. Experience in protein modeling (not required but a plus) such as free energy calculation, scoring function training, conformational search, and molecular dynamics.

The position will remain open until filled.  Applications by September 15, 2013 will likely receive more attention.  Please send a cover letter, CV, and names of 3 references to Prof. Yang Shen (   
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