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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bioinformatics in Social Media by webicina

Bioinformatics in Social Media
The number of communities and repositories dedicated to Bioinformatics is rapidly growing so finding relevant resources takes more and more time and efforts. Webicina selected only relevant social media resources for You.

News and Information on Bioinformatics

There are more and more resource collections and networks focusing on Bioinformatics. Here are the best repositories of Bioinformatics-related information.
Bioinformatics-related medical blogs

In the huge cloud of Bioinformatics blogs, you will find hundreds of blogs containing spams and uncontrolled advertisements. Here we collected only the best blogs that have been providing quality information for a long time. 

Bioinformatics Podcasts and Interviews

Patients like listening to quality interviews about Bioinformatics rather than reading such articles. We collected both the active and inactive podcasts. 

Bioinformatics Community Sites, FaceBook Groups and Forums

If you do a search for "Bioinformatics community" or forum in Google, you will find thousands of sites and also similar Facebook groups, but the majority of them have no relevance. On Webicina, we feature only the best Facebook groups, applications, community sites and networks. 

Microblogging: Twitter and Friendfeed in Bioinformatics

Sometimes it is easier to share messages and interesting links dedicated to Bioinformatics than writing blog entries or longer articles. Through microblogging, you can access relevant content in just seconds but only if you follow Twitter accounts of medical professional and empowered patients, patient communities, and book authors who write about Bioinformatics. 

Bioinformatics Wikis

Wikipedia and medical wikis where only medical professionals can edit entries provide great content devoted to Bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics videos, animations and videocasts

There are numerous useful video channels in Bioinformatics, but finding the best resources is really challenging. We have not only collected the most informative video channels but also interviews and animations.

Bioinformatics on Mobile

In Bioinformatics, mobile applications can have an important role such as facilitating collaboration, making new contacts or sharing pieces of advice.

Social Bookmarking in Bioinformatics

If you are looking for quality Bioinformatics links and resources, you can spend a lot of time and effort dealing with common search engines, but we only feature the most relevant collections.

Medical Search Engines in Bioinformatics

Google, Bing or Yahoo searches show you any kind of content from spams to advertisements. If you need only medically relevant information on Bioinformatics, here are medical search engines that search in selected content.

Slideshows about Bioinformatics

Many professionals upload interesting slideshows focusing on Bioinformatics and practical pieces of advice. We collected the most informative presentations for you.
The number of communities and repositories dedicated to Bioinformatics is rapidly growing so finding relevant resources takes more and more time and efforts. Webicina selected only relevant social media resources for You. 

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